1. Before you get started

Before you dive into WP.NET, please get familiar with some of the basics of the product. Here’s an introductory video to help you get started:

2. What is WP.NET exactly?

WP.NET is WordPress compiled to .NET Core using PeachPie compiler. This means that the original source code of WordPress, which was written in PHP, has been migrated to the .NET platform, which provides the following benefits:

  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced security
  • Extensibility in C# and other .NET languages
  • Extensibility using Razor partial views
  • Ease of configuration
  • Running natively on Azure

3. How is this different from WordPress?

With WP.NET, you get all the amazingness of WordPress, but with the robustness, security and performance of .NET. There are, however, a few key differences compared to regular WordPress:

  • Sourceless distribution: you don’t need any PHP sources on your server with WP.NET
  • No server-side PHP changes: because WP.NET is compiled PHP code, we do not allow for unsafe practices, such as making changes to the code on the server. If you want to modify the sources, you’ll have to re-compile and re-deploy the project. You’ll thank us later.
  • Plugins and themes: due to the previous point, plugins and themes also need to be compiled; therefore, you won’t be able to upload a new theme or download and install plugins like you’re used to from WordPress.

4. Plugins and themes

As described in point 3 above, themes and plugins must also be compiled along with the rest of the sources. However, our own marketplace offers already pre-compiled and tested plugins/themes, so you can install and apply them the standard way.

5. Issues and suggestions

If you found a bug or have an improvement suggestion for us, please use the link below to submit an issue:


6. Commercial support

WpDotNet is entirely free to use while in beta. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all email inquiries for free due to limited resources. Therefore, if you simply have a problem or ran into a bug you need help with, please submit an issue.

However, if you are a company and would like to have us support you commercially. please get in touch and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you.