Combine the full power of .NET together with the richness of the WordPress ecosystem.

WpDotNet runs on .NET or .NET Core and can be integrated natively into any .NET application.


Plugins are distributed as securely signed NuGets and only secure & tested plugins are offered in our marketplace.


WpDotNet is configured using the industry standard ASP.NET Core config providers and settings files.


Pricing Plans

Don't waste time figuring things out. Grab WpDotNet already fully configured and ready to go. Just reference the package and host the solution in your environment of choice.



  • Build WpDotNet from the sources
  • Add plugins and themes on your own
  • Includes a small watermark

$ 25/month

  • License bound to 1 domain
  • No watermark
  • Everything is pre-configured and ready to be used

$ 69/month

  • License bound to 3 domains
  • No watermark
  • Everything is pre-configured and ready to be used
What exactly is WpDotNet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you dive into WpDotNet, please get familiar with some of the basics of the product. Watch our introductory video to help you get started.

Yes, it is licensed under GPL 2.0 just like the original WordPress source code. That means any derivative work, which you want to distribute, also has to be licensed under GPL 2.0. However, you can of course use WpDotNet to build closed-source apps for your own use.

With WpDotNet, you get all the richness of the WordPress ecosystem, but with the robustness, security and performance of .NET. There are, however, a few key differences compared to regular WordPress:

  • - Sourceless distribution: you don’t need any PHP sources on your server with WP.NET
  • - No server-side PHP changes: because WP.NET is compiled PHP code, we do not allow for unsafe practices, such as making changes to the code on the server. If you want to modify the sources, you’ll have to re-compile and re-deploy the project. You’ll thank us later.
  • - Plugins and themes: due to the previous point, plugins and themes also need to be compiled; therefore, you won’t be able to upload a new theme or download and install plugins like you’re used to from WordPress.

The paid subscriptions are ready to use and deploy with no hassle. We did all the dirty work and configured everything correctly so that you can use WpDotNet as easily as possible. However, you can always go to our repo and build everyting from the sources yourself.

If you have an active subscription, we will gladly help you set things up. If you need any custom development or more extensive help, please use the contact form to get in touch and we'll take it from there. For all other problems, please get in touch on Gitter or submit an issue.

No, we do not provide hosting. To launch WpDotNet, you will have to reference it in your .NET app and host the solution on your environment of choice. You can also use the 'Deploy to Azure' button to fire up a web app with WpDotNet on Microsoft Azure quickly.



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