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Hassle free

Easy configuration and maintenance.

Blazing fast

Compiled code running on .NET Core.

Fully compatible

Extensible in and compatible with .NET.

Enterprise ready

Powered by a robust and secure platform.

The richness of WordPress combined with the robustness of .NET.

WP.NET runs WordPress compiled on the robust, fast and secure .NET Core framework using the cutting edge PeachPie compiler platform.
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No PHP on the Server

WpDotNet distributes your application without the need to have the original source code on the server. This is both more secure and allows you to sell or distribute your application without revealing the sources.

Trusted Plugins

Tested & secure plugins

Plugins are distributed as securely signed NuGets. Their functionality has previously been tested, and we only offer secure & tested plugins in our marketplace.

WordPress Inside Your .NET App

You can integrate WordPress seamlessly into your .NET application, just as if it were a regular .NET component.

Leverage the power of .NET

WpDotNet is compiled and JITtered code, which runs on multiple threads natively on Azure. No more changes while the site is running, better stability, better performance.

The performance of WpDotNet is a work in progress and the speed compared to standard WordPress is subject to frequent improvements.


ASP.NET Core and the lightweight blazing-fast Kestrel web server provide WpDotNet with the perfect platform to improve the performance of your application.

Seamless Background Updates

Coming soon, the trouble of updating your WordPress site will disappear completely with our seamless background update mechanism. No downtime, no hassle.

Detailed Analytics

We will be collecting various types of information and displaying detailed diagnostics and analytics right in your dashboard.

Headless WpDotNet

One of the possible features of WpDotNet will be the ability to use it as a frontend to display your site decoupled from the backend on any device.

Extended Cloud Support

We will soon add other cloud providers to the one-click-deployment option, so that your setup of WpDotNet will be as simple as possible.

Premium Plugin Marketplace

Our marketplace will allow plugin makers to distribute their extensions as premium plugins without revealing the source code.

Found a bug? Got a suggestion?

If you ran into an issue or have an improvement suggestion for WP.NET, please submit a report to us. We're all ears!